Participation in this promotion or competition implies knowledge and acceptance by the participant of these terms and conditions. Any violation to them or to the procedures or systems set forth herein for the realization of this contest will involve the immediate exclusion of the same and / or revocation of the awards.-

1.- ORGANIZER: The organizer of this promotion is NUCONET.com or one of our clients.-

2.- PERIOD OF THE PROMOTION: This promotion will begin on day and time specified in the notice and govern, except modification of these terms and conditions, until the day also specified, date on which the draw will take place.-

3.- REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICIPATE – PARTICIPANT: all persons may participate, natural or legal persons to follow the instructions, in a whole according to the specifications and conditions described in this clause. The ORGANIZER set as a condition for being considered PARTICIPANT, be over 18 years.
All type of claim based on the inclusion and / or participation in the drawing by the participant shall be made, expressly, unfailingly to five (5) days before the draw, expiration of this term will not be accepted any claim. Excluded from this draw and therefore may not participate in it, relatives or employees of the client or NUCONET.com.-

4.- PLACE AND DATE OF THE DRAW: The corresponding draw for this promotion will be held on the date specified in the notice. The notification process and award the prize will be the following: a) The participant who wins will be irrefutably notified within ten (10) business days, counted from the date of the draw. b) Once notified of it irrefutably, You must accept the prize, irrefutably proving ownership and identity, within ten (10) business days of notification to claim their prize, and coordinate delivery. c) The ORGANIZER will present the winner a certificate presentation, which it will be considered as valid evidence and proof to the aforementioned effects. If the winner of this sweepstakes is not made within the deadline and under the conditions set out above and / or give credit to his status, the ORGANIZER proceed to run the order of the awards giving it the same to immediately referred back, not having it any right to further claims of any nature. The organizer may therefore, dispose of it or declare void the award. Is an essential condition WINNER prove that is greater than 18 years.-

5.- AWARDS: Each winner is entitled to one prize. The prizes for this promotion are as specified in the notice. If any, transport costs, installation and / or commissioning of electronic devices raffled, as well as all additional expenses and / or procedure that is not specified in these terms and conditions shall be exclusively borne by the participant. If implemented tax on prizes will be given by participants who win. The ORGANIZER does not guarantee quality awards. The mathematical probability of awarding prizes depend on the number of participants involved and the amount of participation numbers that ORGANIZER granted under the conditions set. The awards assigned and unclaimed in the term established in this, if any, shall be held by the ORGANIZER, who will determine the fate that will give them.-

6.- AUTHORIZATIONS: Participants and whoever wins this promotion, expressly authorizes the organizer and those appointed by it for advertising, spread your name, personal information, awards, images, pictures, voices and / or your household if applicable, for advertising purposes, in media, ORGANIZER website and all other manner it deems appropriate, no time limit and no cost to the ORGANIZER.-

7.- CHANGES: This promotion may be suspended, canceled and / or modified wholly or partly, anytime, at the sole discretion ORGANIZER, notice through the mass media, without the right to any claim by participants. The ORGANIZER is the final authority to interpret each and every one of the issues that arise in relation to these terms and conditions.-

8.- PROHIBITIONS – RESPONSIBILITY: It is expressly stated that, in any case the participant who wins this promotion can redeem or request redemption of the prize for cash. Also the ORGANIZER disclaims any liability for accidents that may occur during the transfer awards, whenever his performance as ORGANIZER ends with the prize raffled to PARTICIPANT who wins it.-

9.- OF APPLICABLE LAW This promotion is deemed issued in accordance with applicable laws in California. For all legal effects arising from it, They will be interpreted and executed under and in accordance with the provisions and courts of this country. In the case of legal dispute concerning the interpretation and implementation of each of the terms of these Terms and Conditions, shall have jurisdiction only civil and commercial justice of the city of the same name Frsno, waiving all participants other jurisdiction that may correspond.-


Facebook does not sponsor, endorses nor administered any way this promotion, or it is associated with it. The user detaches Facebook and is fully aware that you are providing your information to the CLIENT and/or NUCONET.com and not to Facebook.

As with other Facebook social networks in this promotion or contest it can be performed.-

The mere fact of participating in this promotion, implies knowledge and acceptance without condition or reservation, by the PARTICIPANT, of each and every one of the clauses in the present Terms and Conditions, without recourse of any kind.